The West Denver Community Leadership Committee (WDCLC) members are local community members already active in the WDRC neighborhoods or are community-interfacing staff from local nonprofit, public, private or philanthropic sector organizations.

All WDCLC members have demonstrated leadership skills, experience, and insight working on topics relevant to the west Denver community.

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The WDCLC guides the WDRC work plan and initiatives, and serves as a direct connection within neighborhoods and/or local organizations. The WDCLC helps to ensure the WDRC is driven by community priorities across west Denver and that local neighborhoods, community members, and local organizations are positioned to partner and directly benefit from WDRC collaboration and initiatives.


Quarterly Meetings

The WDCLC meets up to four times a year to coordinate work plan programs and initiatives, share information, strategize community engagement opportunities, set goals, and expand work group participation. Periodically, WDCLC members will ask for focused topic meetings to review and coordinate on current plans or to coordinate on issues impacting all WDRC neighborhoods (the ‘district’).


Working groups

WDCLC members also participate in WDRC initiatives through working groups focused on top community-identified priorities. Working groups are often neighborhood led and have a direct tie to current needs. For example, the Villa Park WDCLC leaders identified in 2017 a need to address and better understand zoning and development pressure in their neighborhood. In 2018, the Villa Park Neighborhood Association and WDRC partnered with the Denver Architecture Foundation in Visioning Villa Park, a design and outreach process that provided three community forums on the neighborhoods character/assets, zoning, and development.



The WDCLC members coordinate with one another on common solutions, opportunities, and challenges faced in their neighborhoods.

Members of the WDCLC are actively working on or advocating for west Denver needs and solutions. Efforts the WDCLC has coordinated on for the benefit of west Denver include:

  • Neighborhood top priorities & needs

  • District top priorities & needs

  • Sun Valley Community Connectors

  • Coordination and support of 2017 General Obligation Bond Program projects, including information on west Denver specific projects 

  • West Denver housing strategy and solutions 2017

  • Blueprint Denver Update: review and recommendations on policies impacting west Denver neighborhoods

  • Visioning Villa Park

  • Over the Cloverleaf

  • Little Saigon Placemaking and BID Feasibility

  • Stadium District Master Plan

  • Partnering to prevent Morrison Rd. culture and business displacement 


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Jaime T. Aguilar, Villa Park
Cindy Ambs, WalkDenver
Kaye Boeke, Barnum/Barnum West
Norma Brambila, Westwood
Jessica Dominguez, West Colfax
Joseph Dominguez, West Colfax
Jose Esparza, BuCu West
Jeanne Granville, Sun Valley
Glenn Harper, Sun Valley
Patrick Horvath, The Denver Foundation
Ken Knoblock, Athmar Park
Joshua Leen, West Colfax
Jill Locantore, WalkDenver
Monique Lovato, Mi Casa Resource Center
Mark Marshall, Urban Land Conservancy
Maureen McCanna, Valverde
Katie McKenna, Enterprise Community Partners
Chala Mohr, Barnum
Joanne Phillips, Villa Park
Miguel Ramirez, Westwood
Lisa Saenz, Sun Valley Community Connector
Kathy Sandoval, Villa Park
Anna Schaefferkoetter, Athmar Park
Dan Shah, West Colfax BID
Phuong Tran, CCOD Health and Environment
Asnake Williams, Sun Valley Community Connector
Deyanira Zavala, Mile High Connects