In 2016 and 2017, WDRC conducted up to 100 one-on-one, small, and large group discussions to identify top community priorities. Surveys and discussion summaries were used to verify and better understand the top issues that emerged before identifying the top community priorities for each neighborhood and the district.

In 2018, the WDCLC approved the first WDRC work plan ensuring it aligned with the top community-identified priorities to implement meaningful outcomes in all west Denver neighborhoods.



The top community-identified priorities that emerged were housing affordability, engagement support, connectivity, and business district support & partnering.

  1. Housing affordability: Across neighborhoods we have heard the need to help west Denver better understand the rapid housing market changes and how the changes are impacting existing residents and what solutions and resources could help to keep residents from being involuntarily displaces or destabilized. to support renters and homeowners 

  2. Engagement support: Many WDRC neighborhoods struggle to have representation and voices that reflect the diversity of their community. An ongoing need is the acknowledgement and need to reach more residents, many who are most impacted by change, leader advocacy, and new plans and policies.. 

  3. Connectivity: West Denver neighborhoods are unique, but are separated from critical services and amenities by larger city arterial streets (Federal Boulevard, Alameda, 6th Avenue and Sheridan Blvd.) . Safer pedestrian routes, amenities, crossings and traffic operations are needed throughout west Denver to stop the pedestrian and cycling accidents and fatalities. 

  4. Business District Support & Partnering: neighborhood leaders and WDRC staff work with BID leaders to participate in steering or advisory committees on aligned priorities. See (refer to business initiatives page)


Neighborhood-identified priorities and needs are reviewed to find if they are already of focus, if the priority is district-wide, and if a solution-based strategy can draw more community champions, provide equitable access to west Denver residents, and create a desired community outcome.

Top west Denver community priorities are:

  • Housing Affordability & Minimizing Displacement

  • Pedestrian Safety & Connectivity

  • Leader Support & Advocacy

  • Business District Support & Partnering

  • Coordination on Area Projects, Investments, & Opportunities

Additional widely held neighborhood priorities have been:

  • Safety (Sun Valley, Athmar Park, Westwood)

  • Community Places (Valverde, Athmar Park)

  • Health & Food (Valverde & Sun Valley)

  • Pre-neighborhood Planning with Community (Villa Park)

  • Youth & Education (Westwood & Sun Valley)

Consolidated Summary of Neighborhood Priorities based on RNO Group Discussions (2016-2017)