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The Friends of Little Saigon Business District initiative, led by WalkDenver and the WDRC, is focused on pedestrian safety community beautification and stewardship of the pedestrian environment along Federal Boulevard between Alameda and Mississippi in Southwest Denver.


What is Little Saigon?

The "Friends of Little Saigon Business District" initiative is a collaboration with local community members to establish a business improvement district (BID) to promote continued vitality, health, safety, prosperity, security, and general community welfare.

Support from the BID will support the creation of a strong sense of pride and place in the Little Saigon district by:

  • getting people outdoors and actively engaged in positive experiences with residents and business owners

  • encouraging and supporting existing and increased use of multi-modal transportation options along the Federal Corridor

  • supporting locally-owned businesses that provide economic opportunity to area residents

  • accentuating the unique and vibrant cultural diversity in this part of Denver

Photos below: On Friday, June 21st, WalkDenver and WDRC hosted the Saigon Night Market, a demonstration project to show the potential of the proposed Friends of Little Saigon BID. Methods of tactical urbanism were employed to create a barrier between pedestrians and the fast, heavy traffic of West Federal. The result was a safe space where visitors could enjoy authentic Vietnamese food and community particular to this part of west Denver. Even temporarily, these efforts stimulated business and commerce and allowed residents and visitors from all over the city to experience the rich and exciting authenticity of Denver’s Little Saigon.


Business Improvement Districts

BIDs are generally funded through a property tax mill levy which is used to provide direct support within the BID boundary. Support includes services such as cleaning and maintenance, economic development, public safety, planning, events, and parking management, but can also improve the district by:

  • providing a unified voice for the community

  • leveraging public funding and projects

  • enhancing the corridor's brand and identity through art and design elements

  • empowering property owners to govern the BID and determine how BID funds are spent

  • funding safety improvements for pedestrians

  • funding placemaking improvements such as event banners, light posts, string lights, and district gateways

  • supporting increased sales, property values, and occupancies

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